Minerals and crystals presently identified include but are not limited to: Albite, Almandine, Amblygonite, Augelite, Cassiterite, Columbite, Fairfieldite, Greenoskite, Heterosite, Hydroxylapatite, Ilmenite, Jammsite, Kasolite, Lepidolite, Lonngite with Silver, Mixcroline, Microlites, Montebrasite, Muscovite, Phamocosiderite, Quartz, Rubellite, Schorl Sicklerite, Siderite, Sphalerite, Spodumene, Starolite w/ Garnets, tantalite, Tourmaline, Triphylite, Umia 56.02-duo: Cahu, Urbanite, Uranophane, Vanderdripsscheite, and Verdelite.

Euphoralite, discovered within the Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, is a new High Vibrational Stone recently unearthed by Gary Rowley. This new remarkable stone hosts a rich mineral concentration.  The stone has newly begun to be studied, thus far the range of minerals discovered is extraordinary. 




Vibrational studies conducted by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert of Vesica Institute determined that select stones from Euphoralite to be rare adaptogenic stones, meaning they have a very high, centering vibration.  When particular stones are brought together they can create powerful energy currents through the human energy fields or where they are placed. 

Euphoralite has been observed creating high levels of negative ions. BERAD (Better Earth Research and Development), concluded in 2015 that euphoralite creates a higher consistency of negative ions than normal healing crystals.  The combination of elements seems to elevate the negative ion activity.  Due to the abundance of different elements both known and unknown, there are some elemental combination effects we are aware of, and some we are not.  The different representations of euphoralite are being used together in powder form by BERAD to create Euphoralign, which takes a full-spectrum matrix of euphoralite and further activates it with other materials in a composite form.  In addition, euphoralite and euphoralign are currently being used within practitioners’ spaces due to the stone’s ability to affect its environment. Euphoralite allows for lucid communication with one’s true higher self. It is an excellent stone for communication, vision, intellect, enlightenment, and well-being. 

Euphoralite is a specimen that includes many different crystals and minerals.  Upon handling the specimen, many may feel the potent vibration that will send empowering waves of euphoria and revitalization throughout the human body.  This could be scientifically explained by the effects of negative ions.  The combination of different crystals within euphoralite contributes to the unique effects on the human bio-field.  Observations using aura interpretation technology indicate an impressive impact that euphoralite-based products such as Euphoralign, can achieve.  Further investigation may shed light on new properties from the new un-researched combinations that these crystals have on the human body.