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Euphoralign is an activated, full-spectrum matrix of all major representations of euphoralite. The composite and other materials added compliment and activate euphoralite beyond its raw energetic frequency. The properties exhibited have elevated euphoralite to a quantum level. Meant to be carried and/or worn during the day. Can be used to temporarily (1 day) enhance the energy of an object or crystal placed on top of it. Assists us with grounding negative ions into our bodies, and physically strengthens our body while holding a cell phone or near EMF.  Every euphoralign product carries the same properties, and each one has its own unique look. Empower your higher self with the quantum euphoralign.

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  1. Dena R Harmon

    Every thing the description of Quantum Euphoralign is every thing the description says. I love my Quantum Euphoralign, it is very powerful. I carry it with me all the time to get the full benefits it offers. I use it to recharge the stones i need for the day. Love it

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